Why Be a Business Angel?

Why be an Angel Investor?  nelson gray business angel investor investment motivation why the herald

Generally, Angels are genuinely interested in helping businesses to grow. They’re prepared to take risks, and of course one day they want to get a significant return for their time and financial investment, however, they may work with a business through several rounds of finance and for several years before exiting.

Why do Angels Invest?

Angel investing is not for everybusiness angel motivation  invest  capital  potential to make significant economic differenceone. It can be highly rewarding financially and personally, but takes courage and commitment since it’s very risky – around 50% of Angel investments are written off.

Potential Business Angels need to ask themselves what they  want from their Angel activities; is it just a high financial return or is personal satisfaction their key driver? Additionally reviewing whether they can afford to lose all of their investment and how much time they can realistically spend in deal sourcing, due diligence, negotiation and other process activities are prerequisites to successful Angel Investing.

Research has identified that the key motivators for Angel investors are:

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