Business Angel Training

Why do Business Angels need Training?

Making successful investments as an Angel investor can be harder than you think. As well as their capability to be able to judge whether a business can be made into a successful investment, the best Angels have also explored their own attitude to risk, considered the way they make decisions, and understand how they review enterprises they could potentially invest in.   They have done their own personal audit and know why they are doing it. They know whether they want to be an active investor (perhaps the “lead” Angel in a group) or invest in a more passive capacity. They know what kind of time/experience they can bring post-investment. They are willing to be mentored/take advice from other successful Angels.

Better investment outcomes were linked to those Angels with industry and entrepreneurial experience and those who carry out strong due diligence.  For those new to Angel investment and for those interested in further professional development, training on a variety of Angel Investment topics is valuable:

  • Setting up an Angel group
  • Screening deals
  • Deal flow
  • Deal structuring
  • Due diligence
  • Valuation
  • Post investment management & mentoring
  • Exit management

business angel investor truly inspirational Nelson GrayFor further information on how Nelson could support you, please see Nelson’s Services page on Angel TrainingFor some valuable short training videos by Nelson please see his Videos page.