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For start-up and early stage businesses, the capability and potential of the entrepreneur and manRecommended review business angel Nelson Gray guidance advice agement team is a critical success factor in creating entrepreneurial wealth. Engaging external expertise and executive business coaching to guide your strategy and support your venture to grow can make the difference between success and failure.

Gaining an independent view and being challenged by an experienced mentor who can provide quality advice to support business expansion, growth plans or even survival has proven to be extremely valuable for many new, and also experienced, entrepreneurs. Utilising a seasoned executive mentor as a coach or non-executive director is a cost-effective and worthwhile tactic in order to exploit opportunities to increase sales, revenue, profitability and build value.

Nelson has beraising funds creating strategic direction building an executive teamen a non-executive director and mentor to many high growth companies involved in a range of sectors including recruitment, entertainment, call centres, food manufacturing, printing, life sciences, software and recycling.   He has also coached companies with operations across Europe and also in many international locations including Hong Kong, Dubai, Estonia, and the USA.

Please see the Services pages for case study examples of Nelson’s work in advising companies & entrepreneurs. For some valuable short training videos by Nelson please see his Videos page.